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All betting experts will tell you that the best way to make a consistent, long-term profit is to bet on value. However, what is value betting? A value bet is essentially a bet containing added value. After extensive research and estimations, a betting expert can determine that the chances of a team winning a match will be greater than the odds presented by online bookies. At, we assess the chances of a team or player winning a match and provide the best odds based on our findings. Chance is basically a matter of opinion, usually based on hours of research. However, most of us don't have the time to do extensive research and it's for this reason that we find the best value bets based on statistical analysis of previous results, so you don't have to.

We look at a team or player's past results in various ways to assist us in calculating their chances of winning. We utilize recent form, recent away and home form, recent head to heads, as well as head to heads where the match is being played. These match statistics and historical information on the team or player is available on our site. We compare our statistical odds with the best odds available to provide an indication of potential value odds. We compare the odds from a wide selection of the best Canadian betting sites to assist you in finding the best value odds for your money.

How to Find Value Bets

When you want to find value odds, you will need to look at percentages. For instance, let's take a football team like Man Utd who manage to win 40% of their games. The winning probability percentage translated into odds would be 3/2 fractional which is 2.50 decimal. So, if you make a $10 bet on Man Utd and they win, you would receive a profit of $15. But value betting odds isn't just based on a one-off match. You'll need to consider the long-term picture over the course of an entire season to truly find a value bet.

If there are 10 games in a season and you place $10 on Man Utd with a 40% win percentage, you will lose 6 out of 10 bets. This means you will break even as you will win $15 four times and lose your $10 bet six times. The reward versus the risk just isn't there to consider this a value bet. However, if the online bookie were to run odds of 9/5 fractional (2.80 decimal) on Man Utd in every game, then you can certainly reconsider. Four wins at 2.80 for a $10 bet would return a $18 profit. Four wins x $18 equals a profit of $72. When looking at the 6 losses, you would be up $10 on Man Utd. You will then need to decide if the cost, risk, as well as the benefit is enough to consider this as a value bet. You need to look at the larger picture in both wins and losses.

Value Betting Tips

Always remember that even the top online betting sites are unable to predict the outcome of a match or game without a margin of error. Online bookies basically offer prices that are in accordance with their own estimations. Although we do the necessary research on a wide variety of value odds sites, you should also review your own assessments on a frequent basis. This is vitally important when you want to develop a keen eye for value odds betting. Success in sports betting has a strong relationship with finding value in bets and being persistent with your strategy of betting, regardless of how unlikely the outcome might look at first glance.

However, don't expect regular, clear cut mistakes from online bookies. That's relatively rare to find, but a handful of pricing errors to exist and a small percentage of bettors to take advantage of them and make a decent living from it too.