Betting Odds Comparison

A betting odds comparison site, such as, compares the prices offered by online bookmakers on every single event, allowing bettors to pick the best odds before placing a bet on football, basketball, soccer, ice hockey, or baseball. The prices offered by bookmakers can vary greatly, especially on bigger prices or obscure selections. At, the prices are compared on a matrix, featuring all the possible outcomes of a sporting event on the left along with all bookmaker prices featured in columns located at the top of the page.

At, we offer betting odds comparison from a wide selection of well-respected betting exchanges and bookmakers. We highly recommend registering accounts with as many top online bookmakers as possible as this will help you gain the best prices after locating them on our site, and you won't be restricted to only one online bookmaker.

Why Use a Betting Odds Comparison Site?

The odds on any selection available will usually vary by up to 50%. As an experienced bettor, it's hard enough to earn a profit from online sports betting as it is. If you neglect to back the best prices on every bet you make, you will seriously handicap your chances of making a profit. By merely gaining 20% through better odds, you can expect to double your potential winnings.

Comparing odds on all your selections can be extremely time-consuming if you plan to review each bookmaker site to check the prices and then compare them by yourself to find the offers with the most value. At, everything is compared on a single page using one matrix with the best prices highlighted for your convenience, making the entire process much quicker and easier, giving you more time to study the form.

How to Use an Odds Comparison Site

You will firstly need to know which sporting event you want to back. Thereafter, you can visit and select the sport you wish to place a bet on by using the tabs situated at the top of the page. Once you click on the sporting event, you will be guided to the betting odds comparison page. Once you locate the best odds on your selected event, you can click on the odds where you'll be directed to the sportsbook to place your bet.

Bettors can also change the odds to a format they are comfortable dealing with and use an odds converter tool to convert Moneyline/American odds, Fractional/UK odds, and Decimal/European odds. The odds converter on will also allow bettors to predict the likelihood of a win as well as the potential profit to determine how much money they will receive after the match or game.

Comparing Odds with Multiple Bets

Finding an online bookmaker offering the best odds on a single event is extremely simplistic when using However, what if you plan to place a bet on multiple sporting events, such as basketball and baseball?

Fortunately at, you can place each of your selections into a bet basket. Once you added all your selections you wish to back, you'll be able to view which betting site provides the best-combined odds across all your selections. The odds from every bookmaker, for each accumulator, will be accessible to you, ensuring you get the best odds every time. The difference between accumulator bets can be huge and therefore it's a fantastic way to see which bookie offers the best overall odds on one page.

Exchange Prices

At, we not only compare the best prices from leading bookmakers but also include the betting exchanges. Most betting exchanges will charge up to 5% commission. However, the odds presented on their websites don't always take the 5% commission into account and this can be rather confusing when you want to determine the best price for your bet between a traditional bookmaker and a betting exchange.

At, you can rest assured that the commission is considered when looking at the odds matrix. Our site automatically reduces the available odds by the commission charges, helping you to compare traditional bookmaker prices with the correct exchange prices. Should your commission be less than 5%, you can also alter the commission rate directly on our site.